The Oxygen Advantage

In this episode we had a conversation with Patrick McKeown. Patrick is a breathing expert and international best-selling author on the topic. His expertise provide insightful value to professionals across multiple-domains. From sporting performance to medical dentistry, Patrick has found and mastered a technique apparently relevant to them all. Due to this, Patrick is a highly sought after speaker and consultant, most recently being a guest on the London Real Podcast. We were lucky enough to be able to sit down with the man himself and explore one of his publications: The Oxygen Advantage- which is essentially a thesis on how breathing properly can revolutionise several aspects of your life.

Throughout the conversation we explore several areas surrounding Patricks field, generally focusing on how the act of breathing is essential to various practices including; performance, general health, sleeping patterns, anxiety management and mindfulness to name a few.

With the wide scope of benefits that can be achieved through application of The Oxygen Advantage there is definitely something in this podcast for every listener- enjoy.


What is Addiction?

In this episode we talk about addiction from different perspectives; Biological, Social and Psychological. Is it a disease? is it a choice? what is addiction?

Time Stamps:
12:28 biology of addictive behaviour
24:08 genetics and addictive behaviour
26:37 personality and addictive behaviour
29:31 is addiction a disease?
31:16 addictive behaviour as learned
40:14 addiction and free will
44:00 Two system brain and addiction