Chat with an AFL player

We recently sat down for a conversation with Hawthorn FC player Conor Nash.

Conor was scouted and moved to Australia to pursue a career as a professional athlete, recently making his debut for Hawthorn Football club in Melbourne. Breaking into the starting line-up last season, Conor has demonstrated that he’s there to stay, taking each game in his stride.

Growing up in Navan, Conor played football for Simonstown Gaels and Rugby for Navan RFC, excelling in both at an early stage. As we allude to in the interview, it wasn’t long before the scouts came knocking.

The Quiet Guys Podcast had the chance to speak to Conor about his journey to date and how this all unfolded. We wish him and his family all the best with the upcoming season and all future endeavours.

Special thanks to Simonstown GFC for hosting us.

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