Insights from a Performance Physiotherapist

We sat down with physiotherapist Barry McEntee. Barry graduated from University College Dublin with an Honours degree in Physiotherapy and is currently a Chartered Physiotherapist running his own practice. Barry’s research currently published in academic journals centres around Gaelic football players and groin injuries.

Having a keen interest in sport and physical activity as a youth, this seeded the ground for a career path in physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation. We spoke about the reasoning for his choices to pursue such a career, and the obstacles he overcame to get there.

Like most careers, the road after college can seem daunting, plans undoubtably change and reshape. We asked about thoughts on this.
After taking a position at the Sports Surgery Clinic in Santry (against original plans), Barry received day to day exposure to a plethora of injuries which provided him with invaluable experience and bolstered his knowledge early on.

Barry then went on to set up McEntee Performance Physio. Compiling his knowledge and experience from undergrad, Santry and work with various sporting outlets, Barry has created a well-respected name in physiotherapy.

From talking to Barry about his practice its clear he focuses on the fundamentals and getting people back fit and active as soon as possible. Whether that be individuals of various disciplines and abilities or teams and squads such as the Meath Senior Football team, McEntee Performance Physio’s treat all with the same professional scope.

In the final segment we speak about sedentary behaviour, mainly the effects of chronic sitting. Whether in school, college or work most of us are sitting down for the vast majority of the day. We discuss the idea, health benefits and growing research in the area of standing desks.

Much like any science, physiotherapy is ever evolving and growing with ongoing research being churned out all over the globe. Barry finishes on the importance of keeping up to date on current practice and fishing out the good research from the bad.

(Barry is a co-founder of the company along with Jamie Queeney, which has an interesting story behind it. Check it out if you’re interested)

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