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This episode is focused on Technology in all its varied forms. In a conversation with our friend and recent Masters graduate, Ben Costello, we delve into the business models behind the apps you use daily. The episode is spent trying to put some context on a world dominated by virtual communities within apps like Tinder, snapchat and instagram to name just a few.
The conversation itself then flows on into the ‘Freemium’ business model. This model took applications like Spotify & Fortnite to unimaginable heights, Why? because everybody likes free shit. The Freemium model is very interesting and shows how business’s are starting to innovate to our constantly changing psychology.

The big buzzword in Tech right now is ‘Virtual Reality’. We give a brief history of the technology and name the business’s at the forefront of its production. Educated speculation is also thrown out as to the possible functions VR could satisfy in society.
Moving into the last section of this weeks podcast we talk about how the gaming industry is beginning to tap into the educational power of video games. Stephen Howell, of Microsoft Ireland, visited DCU last year and Ben was in attendance. The Microsoft programmer alluded to the power video games have on the mind. He stressed how important it was to harness this power for educational purposes using examples like the popular Multiplatform game- Minecraft. We speak about this concept and the benefits it had on us in school through old computer games, and also how it could be modernised to change the way we think about learning.

Thanks for listening to this weeks conversation, enjoy.

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