Coopers MMA

We had the pleasure of Interviewing Keith Cooper and a fighter from his gym- Max Zamurakin. Keith runs a mixed martial arts gym out of Navan where he coaches various forms of combat. As an experienced coach, Keith had a lot of insight to share from both a sporting and societal perspective.

Max shed light on the fighters perspective of organised combat sport. He alluded to the work that goes into creating a fighter and the hours spent drilling when nobody is there except you and the coach.
The glamorous lens we see combat sports through as spectators is not reality. It’s a life of sacrifice, dedication, and above all, love for what you do. These guys definitely love what they do.



Alan Bennett is the Chief Editor of the popular media platform Alan Studied Fine Art as an undergrad, dabbled in comedy successfully, and moved on to U.C.D, where he received a distinction in a Creative Writing masters. With a trained eye for good content he’s the captain to have at’s helm.

In todays episode we have a conversation with Alan based on his past and present.

The dichotomy of creativity and success is discussed with an emphasis on the importance of perspective in everything you do- everything.

Social Media Vs The People is also mentioned. Is it the internets fault? Or our fault? for the desensitisation of the masses. At the end of the day, you are the cause of all your effects, you are in control. We’ll leave that for you’s to decide.

As an editor and avid processor of information, Alan also speaks about the importance of looking into topics yourself and taking nothing at face value. Formulate your own facts through diligent research, because people want to tell you stuff that benefits them…remember that Hitler guy?

We finish the conversation on politics and the paradox folded inside its purpose: the goal of any politician is to get re-elected. As society turns into more and more of a popularity contest, are politicians any different than influencers? who at the end of the day just want your precious attention. “Whats worse”, dare I say, “they get our attention, every last drop of it”.

The theme of this conversation: both physically and mentally, stand up, look around, and try to realise whats worth ‘your’ calories in this hungry hungry world filled with pseudo-intellectual vacuums.

Rainy Interlude

Quiet guys back with another conversation that begins on our national games with regards to the consistency and determination of players across the country. Croke park and the Aura it holds over spectators is mentioned. Netflix documentaries we have enjoyed are also mentioned (The Defiant Ones, Planet Earth 2).

The power of music and it’s accesibility in this age via music apps is touched on. We conclude by mentioning upcoming content we have planned for this podcast in the near future.

Heads Rolled

Back with some raw conversation. It ranges from Garda incompetence and bouncers- those people who guard really important stuff- all the way to the science behind concussions.

Most of us have experienced an altercation with a big-headed bouncer. We delve into the psyche of such beings, as they guard the door, of their own proverbial ‘Fort Knox’.

We also get into the meaning of an act, i.e. the difference between being known for doing something while not having done it Vs actually doing something that only you know about. We converse about this topic through an extremely ‘intellectual’ question regarding…goats.

The juices of the conversation really start flowing around thirty minutes in. ‘Would you be happier making $11,000 or $60 a day? It seems like a no brainer, right ? Well we may make you at least think about it, which is what makes you human at the end of the day.



We had the pleasure of speaking to DJ, aspiring music producer and Sound engineer Ronan McGrane.
Music and sound in general has been a massive part of Ronan’s life for as far back as he can remember. He recently graduated from college, obtaining a degree in sound/music production which he succinctly says: “makes him a one stop shop for everything music and sound”. Spending time with Ronan and seeing samples of his work in various aspects demonstrates that fact, and then some.
Ronan recently released his first EP ‘Solitude’ which anyone can find on Spotify (link below) under his artist name RON. With a move to Berlin in the pipeline to pursue a career in sound the future is definitely bright for this multifaceted talent.
The conversation is based around Ronan’s passion for music which leads into various other topics such as creativity, comfort zones, consistency and other traits that are tantamount to producing any content. Towards the end we speak about sound-engineering in all of its varied forms from video games to animation trailers.

Anybody interested in Music or sound will cherish this one.

Solitude EP Link:

Raskolnikovs Habit

We start with a re-cap on the interviews we have done so far since the podcast started. The conversation also contains opinions on habits and their power. How habits can negatively and positively affect you. We also spoke about the ability to run and not neglect aspects of your bodies potential and much more.
Books mentioned this week were ‘Homo Deus’ by Yuval Harari, ‘To be a machine’ by Irish author Mark o Connell and ‘Crime and Punishment’ written by the heavyweight Fyodor Dostoyevsky.


We had the pleasure of speaking to the creator and current owner of the popular vintage clothing brand Adewears. With the angle of wanting to hear the voice of the man behind the scenes, we spoke on various topics.
Ade shed some light on how he got interested in business and what made him pursue a life of autonomy. We also got to speak on the resurgence of vintage clothing in general and how people long for items of the past.  Ade also had interesting actions he had taken to foster an environment of innovation for his employees regardless of risk.
Ade’s philosophy on life in general and business was divulged throughout the conversation and anybody who listens may be enlightened on a thing or two.

The Quiet Guys Podcast wishes Ade and his team continued success.


We sat down with two members of the trio-Deciduous music- and discussed their journey from inception to present.

The conversation went from each individuals love of music to the formulation of the collective that has played venues such as WIGWAM in the capital and also festivals such as LIFE.

The lads spoke about the nuances of mixing, creating and producing a track as a team. They also highlighted the importance of passion and touched on the significance that event management plays in a good night.

It was interesting to hear the voices of the people behind the music and the craic.

Ep. 8 Dr Edward O’Connor

Edward O’ Connor is an associate lecturer of Human Resource Management at Maynooth University’s school of Business. His research interests cross many sectors of business where he has published a number of papers on topics such as skilled migration, talent management and expatriation.

The Quiet Guys Podcast had the pleasure of sitting down with Eddie and talking about a diverse range of subjects in the most open and constructive manner. The topic of conversation included the effects of anxiety on exam results, CV and interview preparation, talent management processes and the SUSI grant system.

There is something for everybody in this one, enjoy.

(All the views expressed in this podcast are opinions and should be treated as such)